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Young People's Studios - Saturday Classes

Our professional artist-mentors, backed by MICA’s resources and experience, help young people:

Build confidence in personal expression through artistic exploration.

Learn to solve problems and think critically.

Stay tuned to see our YPS Fall offerings!

K-12 students can add to what they are learning in school by using art to amplify their creative expression. Classes meet on Saturday mornings or afternoons. See below for a preview of what’s ahead.


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Grades K-2

Painting My World

Saturdays, Sept. 25 - Dec. 4 (no class Nov. 27)
9:30 am - 12 pm (online)

For the young artist who loves to draw and wishes to dive into a world of color, this course journeys from mark-making with dry media into the world of paint and other wet media. From looking and sketching exercises to experimentation with color, students will explore how color can be used for expressive purposes. Paint media such as watercolor and tempera paint will be used to explore how colors interact to create various effects, mixed colors, and textures. Emphasis will be on noticing details about the surrounding world and finding ways to communicate experiences with brush-strokes, lines, and splashes of color.

Grades 6-8

Digital Photography

Saturdays, Sept. 25 - Dec. 4 (no class Nov. 27)
9:30 am - 12 pm (in person)

Beginning with an understanding of compositional principles and the basic camera functions, features, and possibilities, students learn to create digital photographs. From a variety of prompts intended to tap into students’ interpretation and experience of the visual world around them, students collect imagery in their daily lives, at home, and outdoors. As the course progresses, the class explores the Adobe Photoshop program as a tool to refine images and explore options in manipulating imagery for expressive purposes. Note: Students must have their own digital camera (phone or tablet camera or DSLR). Access to the Adobe Creative Suite is included for the duration of this course.

Grades 9-12

Animation Techniques

Saturdays, Sept. 25 - Dec. 4 (no class Nov. 27)
9:30 am - 12 pm (in person)

From flip-books and line-drawn characters to paper and sculpey figures, anything that can be moved, adjusted, manipulated and photographed can become the subject for stop-action animation. In this creative, collaborative animation “studio,” students develop storyboards and characters as they design the backdrop and take shots for a 15-30 second short animation.

Grades 3-5

Handbuilding with Clay

Saturdays, Sept. 25 - Dec. 4 (no class Nov. 27)
1:00 pm - 3:30 pm (in person)

Throughout the centuries, hand-built clay objects have served numerous purposes, allowing people to transport materials, store grains, protect treasures, and hold liquids. Students to pinch clay forms, use slip and score techniques to join pieces of clay, make even coils, and form even slabs. Using a rich array of clay techniques using air-dry clay, sculpey, and other sculptural resources available from home, students will experiment hand-built vessels, functional items, sculpture, and decorative effects!

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How will I access the software needed for the class?

Once enrolled, you will receive a MICA email with a link to your YPS Getting Started Guide. This email will also include login instructions to access tools and software necessary for your course such as: Canvas, Adobe Creative Suite, Zoom, and Google Drive.

I’m not sure if this class is for me. How can I talk to someone?

Contact the Office of Open Studies at (410) 225-2219 or

How will I interact with classmates?

Classes will be held synchronously via zoom, where peer and instructor discussions and critiques will be conducted.

Will I be on zoom the entire time?

Class format and “zoom time” will be structured to accommodate the needs of each class.

I am a YPS student. How will I get my materials?

Students registered and enrolled in YPS will receive materials kits in the mail (to the shipping address the student used to register). Material kits will ship 1 to 2 weeks before the start of each YPS session. Please understand that the mail may be delayed due to Covid-19 related issues, and we appreciate your patience as we work to get you materials. We recommend early registration for this reason. Please note, material kits cannot be mailed to international addresses.

What time zone are the classes held?

All classes are scheduled for an EST time zone.

Are payment plans available?

Payment plans are available. Please contact the Office of Open Studies for more information and to set this up: (410) 225-2219 or

Are there scholarships available for YPS students?

The scholarship deadline for YPS Summer Art Camp classes was on April 1 for . Please visit for more information on future deadlines and to submit your application.


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